Stock Information

      Details of share issuance (per-share face value: KRW 100)

      Share type No. of stocks issued Treasury stock Total face value
      Common stock 70,217,344 of stocks 5,046 of stocks 7,022 million won
      Preferred shares 20,687,062 of stocks 2,076 of stocks 2,068 million won
      Total 90,904,406 of stocks 7,122 of stocks 9,090 million won

      As of Jan. 30, 2024, Unit: Stocks/ KRW 1M

      Matters related to the exercise of voting

      Our company has been continuously striving to make it easier for shareholders to exercise their voting rights. One effort in this area has been our introduction of an electronic voting system, in 2022.

      Classification Implemented? Date introduced Remarks
      Electronic voting system Yes 2022.03.30 -
      Concentrated vote system No - Article 37 of the Articles of Incorporation
      Written voting system (*) No - -

      * The written voting system was used in 2020-2021, but the procedure for exercising voting rights was cumbersome, the shareholder participation rate was low, and its effectiveness in securing voting rights was insufficient. For this reason, the written voting system was abolished through a change in the Articles of Incorporation at the 2nd regular general shareholders' meeting (March 26, 2021).

      Matters pertaining to the share dividend of Solus Advanced Materials

      Matters pertaining to the share dividend of Solus Advanced Materials
      Dividend Record Date 2023.12.31 2022.12.31 2021.12.31 2020.12.31 2019.12.31
      Dividend Classification fiscal year dividend fiscal year dividend fiscal year dividend fiscal year dividend 2019.10.1
      Kinds of dividends cash dividend cash dividend cash dividend cash dividend
      Dividend per share (KRW)
      Ordinary shares 100 100 100 10
      1 Preferred shares 101 101 101 11
      2 Preferred shares 100 100 100 12
      Dividend payout ratio (%) 2.43 - 33.41 -
      Dividend yield (%)
      Ordinary shares 0.41 0.33 0.12 0.02
      1 Preferred shares 1.64 1.23 0.47 0.07
      2 Preferred shares 0.98 0.97 0.36 0.04
      Total dividend amount (KRW 100 million) 45.53 45.53 39.67 4.06

      Outcome of general shareholders meetings

      Overview of general shareholders meeting

      The regular general shareholders meeting is held within three months after the end of each fiscal year in accordance with the relevant laws, while extraordinary general shareholders meetings are held as needed.
      The Electronic Disclosure System (DART) is used to announce all matters related to general shareholders meetings, including date, time, location, and agenda.

      The outcomes of the general shareholders meetings held over the past three years can be found below.

      Outcome of the 5th general shareholders meeting

      - Date: March 28, 2024
      - Number of shares attending: 22,288,612

      Agenda Approval rate (%)
      Agenda Item No. 1 Approval of the 5th financial statements (including draft statement of appropriation of retained earnings) and consolidated financial statements 99.3
      Agenda Item No. 2 Appointment of Executive Director Kwak Geun-man 97.7
      Agenda Item No. 3 Approval of remuneration limit for directors 91.9

      Outcome of general shareholders meeting

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