Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Please be sure to read these Terms and Conditions before you start using this Website (www.solusadvancedmaterials.com). This Website is provided by Solus Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (“we,” “us,”, or “our”) and shall be used only for information purposes.

On the use of the Website

We provide users with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access and use the information provided through this Website in the form of text, photo, voice, file, line, source code, etc. (“MATERIALS”). Users may use this Website for private, non-commercial purposes only. Nothing in these Terms/Conditions shall be construed to be our transfer of any right to the MATERIALS or their copies to users.

  1. 1. Users shall maintain our notices about copyrights and other titles on property included in the MATERIALS concerning all reproduced copies of the downloaded MATERIALS as they are.
  2. 2. Users shall not in any way change or reproduce the MATERIALS, post them in an open space, or execute/disclose them openly or use them for open or commercial purposes.
  3. 3. No MATERIALS obtained through this Website shall be transferred to a third party, unless the third party accepts all responsibilities concerning the users’ use of this Website.

Users shall agree to observe the terms/conditions that may be added to these Terms and Conditions through updates of this Website. Users shall understand that copyrights to this Website and the MATERIALS posted on it are protected under the respective countries’ copyright law and international conventions and shall agree not to reproduce/have someone else reproduce the MATERIALS illegally. In case of failure to observe said regulations, the rights provided to users with regard to the use of this Website shall be revoked immediately without notice, and users shall destroy all copies of the MATERIALS they downloaded and kept. We do not provide users with any right including patent right, trademark right, copyright, or business information-related right, unless we provide such right explicitly in these Terms and Conditions.

Link to outside websites

We may provide links to other websites through this Website. Upon using such site, your use of this Website shall be stopped. We neither guarantee the reliability of such website nor assume responsibility for any content of such website and your use of it.

Outside websites’ link to this Website

Outside websites’ link to this Website shall require our prior written approval. In the following cases, however, our approval as stated in the foregoing sentence need not be obtained: (1) a text-only link only including the name “Solus Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.” or “Solus Advanced Materials”; (2) a link connected only to www.solusadvancedmaterials.com, not to subordinate pages; (3) a link wherein pages are indicated on the entire screen of the new browser window that enables activation and search, not in the website frame where the link lies, when a user clicks the link; (4) a link that leaves no possibility of causing people to misunderstand that activities and goods carried out or transacted in websites linked to outside are associated with us or those receiving support from us due to the shape, position or the like of the link, or a link that will not tarnish the positive image of our name and trademark. We may withdraw our consent to outside websites’ links to this Website anytime at our discretion. In such case, users shall comply with such decision and stop using any of our trademarks immediately.

Information provided by users

The personal information provided by users to us through this Website is protected under the relevant handling guidelines. Users shall not transmit confidential information or information covered by users’ exclusive rights through this Website. Users shall agree that no information or MATERIALS they provide us but which we have not asked for fall under the category of confidential information or MATERIALS covered by users’ exclusive rights. Users shall agree that they provide us with free, unrestricted license to use, reproduce, indicate, publicly disclose, transmit, and distribute information and MATERIALS by providing such information or MATERIALS. Users shall agree to our free use of the ideas, concepts, know-how, etc. that they provide to us. Users shall not provide us with information or MATERIALS that include slanderous, threatening, obscene, or illegal content or which fall under the category of others’ rights.

Refusal of unauthorized collection of email addresses

We refuse to allow the unauthorized collection of email addresses posted on this Website through an electronic program or a technical device. Please note that any violation is punishable pursuant to the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

Responsibility to observe local laws

Those at our headquarters in Seoul, Korea manage and operate this Website. If you use this Website outside Korea, you shall observe local laws concerning the MATERIALS and third party-related contents.

Changes in these Terms and Conditions

We may change, revise, add, or delete these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part at our discretion. Such change shall enter into force upon the posting of the relevant public notice. By continuing to use this Website after the posting of the public notice, you agree to such change. We may terminate, alter, or temporarily stop users’ access to this Website and part of its functions at any time. We may also put restrictions on specific functions and services of this Website. We may cause a user to forfeit the rights or permissions provided under these Terms and Conditions, in which case the user shall destroy all MATERIALS provided to him/her immediately.

These Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on October 1, 2019.

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