Board composition

        Solus Advanced Materials' Board of Directors consists of 7 members, including 2 executive directors, 2 non-executive directors, and 3 outside directors.
        The Board of Directors has the right to make decisions on major management matters of the company in accordance with the relevant laws and the company’s Articles of Incorporation. Individual board members cannot serve for more than six years, as per relevant laws and regulations.
        The CEO also serves as the chairperson of the Board of Directors to enhance business expertise and respond quickly to changes in the business environment.

        Composition Name Gender Birth Date Position Appointment Date Term
        Internal Director Daeje Chin Male 1952.01 Chair / Independent Chief Executive Officer (Part-time) 2023.03 3 years
        Keunman Kwak Male 1971.08 Director / Independent Chief Executive Officer (Full-time) 2024.03
        Other non-executive directors Namhyuk Lee Male 1959.04 Director (Part-time) 2023.03
        Sangil Lee Male 1972.05 Director (Part-time) 2023.03
        Outside Director Iny Hwang Male 1972.02 Director (Part-time) 2022.03
        Taehyun Choi Male 1964.04 Director (Part-time) 2022.03
        Haechoon Park Male 1948.05 Director (Part-time) 2023.03

        Independence and effectiveness

        Three of the seven board members of Solus Advanced Materials are outside directors whose independence is guaranteed. This ensures that supervision is carried out effectively so that management can execute its duties well. In addition, the Committee for Recommending Outside Director Candidates, established in accordance with the relevant laws and the company’s Articles of Incorporation, verifies outside director candidates and recommends qualified candidates through a comprehensive review that takes their independence and expertise into account.

        Diversity and expertise

        Solus Advanced Materials strives to form a Board of Directors with diversity and expertise to enhance corporate value and protect shareholder rights, and prefers candidates who can bring an innovative perspective to their service on the board.
        When appointing a new outside director, a review of the candidates is conducted by the Committee for Recommending Outside Director Candidates, which is comprised entirely of outside directors. Candidates must have the experience and expertise necessary for board service.

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