4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. I applied for a job previously but was rejected, is there any disadvantage if I apply again?
A. Your past application history does not have any impact on your current application. A person who was not hired in the past can apply again.

Q. Is it helpful if I have a job-related certificate when applying for a job?
A. Depending on the job, job-related certificate holders may receive preferential treatment in the selection process.

Q. Are there extra points for disabled persons or war veterans?
A. Disabled persons/war veterans are given preferential treatment during recruitment. If you are eligible for preferential treatment, please provide the related information when filling out the job application. You may be asked to submit relevant documents, if necessary.

Q. Are there any gender considerations or age limits on applications?
A. Gender and age are not factors that are considered.

Q. What are the working hours?
A. The basic working hours are from 9:00 to 18:00, and depending on the characteristics of the department, commuting time can be flexible to improve work efficiency. The starting time can be adjusted within the range of 7:00 to 12:00 in consultation with the department head.

Q. Are there any documents I need to prepare for the interview?
A. There are no documents that need to be prepared for the interview, but we will provide guidance individually if needed.

Q. How does the interview take place?
A. Interviews with working-level officials consist of interviews to verify technical capabilities related to the selected job, while interviews with management provide an in-depth verification of the candidate's organizational suitability, and are done with the management and human resources department in attendance.
The form of the interview and verification capability for each stage may vary depending on the job.

Q. When do I need to submit the documentary evidence?
A. Candidates who pass the interview will be requested to submit various documents, such as graduation certificate, academic transcript, and language certificate.

Q. I would like to get back the documents I submitted when I was hired.
A. Employment documents are returned in accordance with the Fair Hiring Procedure Act. For more information, please refer to the attached notice on the procedure for returning employment documents.

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