3. Returning Procedure of Employment Documents


Hello, I am in charge of recruiting for Solus advanced materials.
The following is provided to inform you about the procedure of returning employment documents in this company under the Fair Hiring Procedure Act (applied on January 1, 2015) as follows.

1. Applicants for positions at Solus Advanced Materials who are not hired may request the return of documents that the company requested submitted offline within 90 days from the date of the final acceptance announcement. (Files submitted online and documents submitted voluntarily by applicants are not considered documents to be returned; furthermore, if recruitment documents are lost for reasons not attributable to this company, they are deemed to have been returned.)

2. Solus Advanced Materials only keeps recruitment documents for up to 90 days only from the date of the final acceptance announcement, after which all recruitment documents are destroyed according to the relevant laws, so their return cannot be requested.

3. Requests for the return of recruitment documents are received via e-mail, and when making such a request, you need to fill out the attached return request document to verify your identity and ensure the smooth return of the documents.

※ Where to submit a return request: solus.hr@solusam.com

4. We will send the returned documents via registered mail within 14 days of receiving the request for return.

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